How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

No matter what kind of interview you go on to find your next job, it can be stressful. Phone interviews are no exception. In fact, some people find them even more stressful because of the very nature of speaking on the phone. Just as you prepare for the traditional interview, it’s important to prepare yourself for a phone interview – and at a moment’s notice.

Now more than ever, employers are using phones for the first interview with job candidates. Once the hiring manager determines whether the candidate is qualified, has good interest in the company, and will be a good cultural fit, they will schedule an in-person interview. If phone interviews make you stressed or feeling awkward, it’s time you overcome those obstacles.

3 Key Tips to Crush Your Phone Interview

To feel confident and natural during your phone interview, follow these this advice.

  1. Review the Job Posting

Now that you’ve been scheduled for a phone interview, be sure you understand the job posting thoroughly. If you have any questions about it, jot them down so you can ask your interviewer. Asking questions is a good thing, and will help show the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the job and the company.

  2. Make a List of Matching Qualifications

During your review of the job post, make a list of the qualifications, experience, and skills that you have. These will serve as talking points during your interview, as well as an easy way to answer interview questions.

  3. Keep Your Resume in Clear View for Reference

Another way to make a great impression during your phone interview is by using your resume as a reference. Since that was what caught the company’s eye, talk from it and use it to highlight why you will be a great hire for the company.

Find the Best Job for Your Career Goals

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