How to Set Yourself Apart in a Job Interview

To receive an official job offer, you have to go through the interview process. The interview is a crucial step for the company to determine which candidate is best for their open position. Since the interview goes beyond the resume, it’s important you can communicate effectively to set yourself apart from the pool of applicants.

It’s All About Communication

The interview experience is definitely a crucial time to communicate to the employer why you are the best candidate for the job. In addition to talking about your professional qualifications, you must also make your excitement about the position obvious. Without being over-the-top, make sure your interviewer can see how passionate you are about your profession and how excited you are at the opportunity to be hired at their company.

3 Ways to Set Yourself Apart in a Job Interview

To be more specific on how to effectively communicate your enthusiasm for the job, follow these four tips.

  1. Show how you take initiative

Even if you are interviewing for an entry-level position, an employer would like to know you are self-motivated and can take initiative on projects. Give examples of how you have done this in the past or went above and beyond a supervisor’s expectations.

  • Avoid generic responses

Be unique and insightful. If you can practice some responses beforehand, this can help you craft a response that will be thoughtful and will help you stand out in the interview.

  • Quantify your value

Try your best to use numbers to help demonstrate your qualifications. Whether it’s new clients you recruited, money that you saved, or an increase in productivity, using numbers to back it up is impressive and is an effective way to set yourself apart in the job interview.

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