The Benefits of Working for a Leader that Supports You

It’s not rocket science, but a supportive manager can help employees feel better about their work, increase productivity and help keep their team at the company longer. These benefits help increase the overall success of the company as well.

While employers expect loyalty, trust and dedication from their employees, it’s unfortunately not a guarantee that they will return those qualities automatically. Instead of getting frustrated or immediately searching for another job, there are ways to try to create a supportive relationship with your boss to maximize the career benefits of your job.

How to Create a Professional Relationship with Your Boss

There are a few ways to help you foster a healthy relationship with your manager that will help you be successful in your career and increase the success of the entire company.

Pay Attention to Their Moods

One easy way to get to know your boss is to simply understand their mood. Some people may want to drink their coffee in the morning and catch up on emails with little distraction. Others may want to have a bit of “water cooler” chat to warm-up for the day. These preferences are important to note so that as you create a relationship with your boss, you fit into their daily mood, rather than going against it.

Learn Their Communication Style

Your boss will have their own communication style as well. As you begin your time at the company, it’s important to ask questions so you can do your job well. These questions will also help you understand your boss’s communication style moving forward. Since there are many ways to communicate – in-person meetings, phone calls, email, etc. – you will see that your boss has a preference. Playing to their communication style will help you receive feedback promptly, whereas, ignoring their style and only using your own preference can mean you are left in the dark.

The more you strive to create a relationship with your boss through honest work and respect, the better time you will have at your job. A supportive relationship can help you excel in your career and poise you for growth in the future.

Find a Great Job Opportunity

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