Have You Been Unemployed for a While? Here’s What to Do

No one pretends that searching for a job is easy or fun. On the contrary, it is a great deal of stress for many job seekers, and when unemployment becomes long term, it can lead to people dropping out of the search altogether.

There’s no reason to stay unemployed, even when things get difficult. It’s important to revitalize your job search efforts and even boost your professional offerings.

3 Ways to Conquer Long-Term Unemployment & Find a Job

  1. Volunteer at a Local Charity

Charity organizations need all the same professionals as any business, so no matter what skills you’ve developed in your professional career, you can work at a charity and make a real difference. Not only are you giving back and doing good, you are also working, which can go on your resume, adding to your experience.

  • Learn New Skills

No matter your industry, there’s always something new to learn. Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can find classes to either take online or attend in person. These classes can keep you current in your industry, give you an edge and even help you meet someone who can connect you to a job opportunity.

  • Attend Networking Events

If networking has never been first on your list for ways to find a job, it’s time to change that. Attending networking events is a great way to build professional connections and stay in tune with your industry. While being unemployed for a long period of time can be demotivating, surrounding yourself with peers in your professional community can help reenergize your job-search efforts. You may also happen to meet someone who can lead you to a job opportunity.

Find Your Next Job

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