Tips for Impressing Your Boss on a Daily Basis

Hard work is the most effective way to excel at your job and earn your boss’s praises. In addition to doing your best work, there are a few other simple ways to impress your boss on a daily basis that might help you secure a raise or grow within the company.

Your boss, and their opinion of you will determine your growth in the company, and follow you to your next job opportunity in the form of a recommendation letter or reference. Without being artificial or sucking up, there are a few easy ways you can impress your boss on a daily basis.

4 Genuine Ways to Impress Your Boss on a Daily Basis

  • Ask if there is anything more you can do.

If you’ve completed all your tasks for the day, but there’s still time left in your shift, ask your boss if you can do anything else. Looking for more responsibility will grab your boss’s attention and shows you can take initiative. They will remember this come performance review, plus you may end up learning something new that will propel your career.

  • Always be on time.

This is so easy and yet often overlooked. Do your absolute best to be on time, all the time. Whether arriving to the office or entering a meeting, show you respect your boss’s time. This gesture might seem small, but it’s extremely valuable.

  • Be positive, no matter what.

Times won’t always be easy in the workplace. Instead of getting frustrated or unmotivated, do your best to be positive, no matter what kind of day it is. Your positivity will shine to your boss, and it can be contagious, helping your co-workers pick up their moods as well. A positive work environment keeps productivity high, so it’s a benefit for you to stay positive, but it may end up helping the entire company as well.

  • Do what you say you will do.

Nothing is more deflating than an empty promise. If you’re making an effort to impress your boss, be sure you follow through with your regular work, and any extra work you offer to take on. If you feel like you’ve come to a halt because you have a question or need some clarification, just ask! Your boss would rather clarify something for you and have your work completed in a timely fashion and correctly than have something incomplete.

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