5 Tips for Becoming a Valuable Employee

There are several distinct qualities employers look for when hiring new employees and looking to keep their current staff on board for the long-term. Exemplifying these qualities will not only help you become a well-rounded and honest employee, but they may help you become more successful in your field.

5 Ways You Can Be a Valuable Employee

To excel in your career, it’s important you are qualified in the required skills, but it’s also crucial to show you are valuable to the company on a greater level. Consider how you can showcase these five traits employers find valuable in new hires and long-term employees.

  • Have Integrity

The foundation of every relationship, including your professional ones, is about your words and actions. Having integrity ensures you live by the values and morals you talk about. Your actions back up your words, and together, this builds trust. Unfortunately, while it takes work to prove your integrity, it doesn’t take much to tarnish or ruin.

  • Be a Team Player

Small and large companies alike will require at some point that you work within a team. It’s crucial you demonstrate your ability to be a team player by being effective in your communications, willing to collaborate, and pleasant to work with.

  • Take Initiative

Most employers do not want to micromanage their employees, so they are looking for an employee who can take the lead and get to work without needing to be guided every step of the way. While it’s good to ask questions rather than doing your work incorrectly, it’s also good to show your supervisor you are self-motivated and are ready to take initiative. This demonstrates drive, passion and increases productivity.

  • Think Ahead

Employers are always looking for workers who are able to look ahead, anticipate change, and not shy away from the ever-evolving world. This has become even more important as nearly every industry has had to adjust with new developments in technology. The ability to think ahead and be comfortable with change is imperative to overall success for both the company you work at and your career.

  • Be Reliable

Every employer wants to hire reliable employees. Doing what you say you can or will do, to showing up on time for work or meetings, meeting deadlines, and being willing to help co-workers are all ways to show you are a reliable employee. This will help build a strong reputation that can even help you be considered for a promotion at work.

Find a Job You Will Excel At

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