Are You Familiar With the Three R’s of Resume Writing?

Your resume is one of the most important documents in your job-search process. Recruiters spend only a short amount of time reviewing your resume before deciding whether to interview you, or move on to another candidate.

This means you have to showcase your skills, your experience and your potential clearly and concisely. To do this effectively, follow the three R’s of resume writing.

The Three R’s of Resume Writing

  • Relevance

Use the job posting to determine what is most relevant to the recruiters and hiring managers. From there, you can tailor your job history and skills to make sure your resume stands out. By highlighting your most relevant experience and skills, you will make a great impression and bring yourself one step closer to getting the job.

  • Results

If you have relevant accomplishments and results you can include on a resume, you must! Highlight your results by using percentages and statistics or simply listing the accomplishment in a quick, clear sentence. Call even more attention to your success by formatting with bullet points.

  • Realism

While it is important to highlight your qualifications and experience to make a great impression, you should also be genuine in your approach. Don’t overstate your experience and skills, but make a strong case why you should be seriously considered for the job.

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