5 Soft Skills to Make You More Marketable

Hiring managers and employers are looking at a variety of factors when they review resumes. Everything from education to work history, plus quite a bit in between, including soft skills.

Soft skills are qualities that help make an employee well-rounded. Based on the job you’re applying to, you will find that different soft skills may be more relevant to highlight. However, there are a few that are universal and can help you stand out from other candidates.

  • Communication

Both written and verbal communication skills are extremely important in the workplace, no matter what career you pursue. Being an effective communicator can boost your performance because you can create relationships with your co-workers, seek clarity for your job expectations and better understand the details of your projects.

  • Adaptability

You will never work at a job where everything goes well all of the time. That’s why it’s so important to be adaptable to be successful at your job. Being able to stay motivated, positive and flexible during changes in your job is a soft skill that will help you be successful at your career both in the short term and long term.

  • Teamwork

A company is successful when their employees work together. Being able to work as a team player toward a common goal instead of only working in a silo, alone, is an important skill. Teamwork will utilize the strengths of each member and help create a healthy company culture. Altogether, teamwork will enhance the quality of work at the entire company.

  • Problem Solving

When things don’t go according to plan, or when things go wrong, a top performer will take action instead of complaining or becoming paralyzed. Being able to adapt and think on your feet is something bosses look for in their workers and is indispensable.

  • Leadership

A leader is good at collaboration, listening to others and admits mistakes to become better. They are honest and accountable, and employers are always looking for a leader in any position because these qualities are always helpful. Displaying leadership skills, like exuding confidence and having a clear vision, can help you stand out in a company and be considered for promotions or other opportunities.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

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