3 Little-Known Facts About Working With a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies have been around for years, and while they are a solution for many companies to find qualified employees, many job seekers don’t understand how valuable they can be in their job search.

  • Nearly all companies rely on staffing agencies.

The U.S. economy is embracing the on-demand workforce, which means that more and more companies are turning to staffing agencies to help them stay productive with high-quality workers. Each year, more and more companies are jumping at the chance to work with the professionals at a staffing agency to ease their hiring burdens.

  • Recruiters can be your career agent.

Staffing agencies are not just for temporary workers. In fact, they can help every kind of employee find relevant work that helps them grow in their career. A recruiter will help you with your job search, review and enhance your resume, help you understand your career goals and even provide career advice. Their success is also contingent on your success, so they are highly invested in you!

  • It’s free.

Many job seekers avoid working with a staffing agency because they think it costs them money they don’t have. Actually, it’s completely free. The companies pay the staffing agencies, so you don’t have to.

Learn More About How a Staffing Agency Can Help You

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