3 Ways to Handle an Interview Question You Don’t Know the Answer to

Few things cause more angst than when you are asked an interview question but have no idea how to answer it. Thankfully, you don’t have to know every answer, you just need to know how to react in the best way possible.

  • Take Your Time

While you may feel like it’s best to answer an interview question as soon as you hear it, you don’t have to. Acknowledge you heard the question, then take a brief pause to consider the question and formulate your response. You can say something like, “Hmm, that is a great question. Let me just consider this for a moment.” The interviewer is not judging you on how fast you can respond, but what quality your response is.

  • Think Aloud

Some interviewers ask tricky questions on purpose. Their goal is not to hear you blurt out an answer right away, but instead to hear how you break down a problem and approach a solution. After you take a minute to gather your thoughts, try to succinctly verbalize how you are thinking through the answer. Use concise language and descriptive words so you can effectively communicate your thought process to the interviewer.

  • Have a Fail-Safe

You may get asked a question you just aren’t equipped to answer, and even the tips above won’t help. Questions about definitions or concepts you are unfamiliar with are a couple of examples. If this happens, acknowledge you aren’t experienced in that particular area yet, but reiterate your enthusiasm to work in this position to learn more about the industry and grow in your career.

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