The Right Way to Follow Up After Submitting a Resume

When you’ve found an exciting job interview, you can be eager to hear back from the company after submitting a resume. This enthusiasm is a good thing, but there are a few follow-up protocols you should consider before you contact the company to check on the hiring process.

3 Ways to Follow Up After You Submit Your Resume

When you are waiting to hear back from a company after submitting your resume, each day can seem like a week. While it can be hard to be patient, you must remember that most hiring managers have more on their to-do list than look at resumes. Before you make any attempt to follow up with the company, wait about two weeks.

At the two-week mark, you can choose to follow up with a company by email, letter or phone. Most companies prefer emails because it keeps an organized log of contact. However, if no email address is provided, you can choose between writing a letter or making a phone call. If the company gives specific directions on following up, follow those no matter what.

Follow-Up Email

  • Use the job title and your name as the email subject.
  • Begin email with a polite salutation.
  • Use the hiring manager’s name if you have it. If you don’t know whether the manager is male or female, just use their first and last name.
  • Close the email professionally, after thanking them for their consideration.

Follow-Up Letter

  • Use a standard business letter format, which includes the hiring manager’s name, title, and the company name.
  • Include the date.
  • Begin with a polite salutation which includes the hiring manager’s name.
  • Close the letter professionally, expressing your appreciation, and include your full contact information.

Follow-Up Phone Call

  • Make your call attempts in the beginning or later part of the day when the hiring manager is less likely to be in a meeting.
  • Leave a brief, detailed message which includes the date, your name, the position you’re applying to, and the phone number to reach you.
  • Thank the manager for their time and consideration, and ask them to call you if they need any clarification regarding your resume.

Find a Job That Excites You

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