How and When You Should Ask for Feedback at a New Job

Experts agree that the first 90 days at a new job are critical to getting off on the right foot. This is the time period when you make good on all of the promises you made during the interview process.

To help perform your best, you should seek the feedback of your manager within this time period. Asking for feedback or advice during this early period will show your manager you are invested in your new position. Plus, receiving valuable feedback will only help you perform better and excel at your job.

When Should You Ask for Feedback?

You should ask within your first 90 days; it will be an informal discussion. You should not expect a formal review this early on. Instead, consider asking your manager for feedback after you’ve had a chance to do a bit of serious work. A good time to ask is after you’ve completed a big project, or after a few weeks of hard work.

How to Ask for Feedback

Although you want to communicate your eagerness to excel, it’s unprofessional to pounce on your manager without notice to ask for feedback.

Instead, send an email to request a meeting to receive feedback. You can also ask them to schedule a meeting in person. Since you haven’t been at the job long, the meeting shouldn’t take too long and you can include that point when you request a meeting.

What to Ask Your Manager When You Want Feedback Early On

Here are a few sample questions to ask your manager.

  • How am I integrating into the team?
  • Am I working at the speed and productivity you need me to?
  • How is the quality of my work?
  • Have you already identified areas of development or improvement you need me to work on?

Excel at Your Career

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