5 Communication Skills That Will Help You Succeed in the Workplace

Even though there are a variety of ways to communicate in the office, from instant messages, to email, to phone calls, face-to-face communication skills are still extremely important. To be successful in the workplace, you must be able to adapt to all forms of communication.

Regardless of the method of communication, you need to develop proficient skills to be successful. Take a look at these five communication skills and develop them so you can improve your effectiveness at the office and create a better future.

  • Show Respect

Be respectful of your co-worker’s time, space and feelings. Contribute to a positive work environment by never talking down to someone and being aware of people’s feelings, strengths and perspectives.

  • Be an Active Listener

Believe it or not, being a good listener is a communication skill that many people need to improve. To be an active listener, avoid interrupting your co-workers for any reason and maintain eye contact. Wait to give a response until you’ve heard your co-worker completely. This will help you understand everything thoroughly, which will also allow you to give a better answer when it’s your time to contribute to the discussion.

  • Display Positive Body Language

Body language plays a large role in your overall daily communication. You should be aware of any negative body language you may be exhibiting without knowing it. Little habits like crossing your arms, placing your hands on your hips or avoiding eye contact can all be construed as negativity.

  • Be Willing to Ask Questions

Many new employees, whether they are recent grads or just new to a company, can find it unnerving to ask questions. However, willingness to ask questions is an important communication skill in the workplace. Asking questions can help you clarify information so you perform better, and increase your overall success.

  • Remain Open-Minded

As you continue to work in your field, things will change. From software, to standards, there is constant change in the workplace. It’s crucial to stay open-minded so you can grow with the company and industry. Being open-minded can lead you to better promotions and greater overall success.

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