3 Ways to Answer the Question: “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

One of the most common interview questions you might hear on your job search is “Why did you leave your last job?” This can spark a bit of uneasiness, but it doesn’t have to if you are prepared with some options of acceptable answers.

  • “I had been with the organization for a number of years and wanted to experience a new environment to continue growing.”

Most people that experience growth in their careers have worked for a variety of companies: private, public, large, small, etc. No hiring manager will fault you for wanting to make your career experience well-rounded.

  • “I was hired for a certain role, but over time, it changed and I was no longer given the opportunity to do the work I was interested in.”

It’s unfortunately quite common that the job you were hired for is not quite what the job turns out to be. Other times, jobs just naturally evolve. Either way, this is a valid reason for leaving a job. Be sure to be specific with your interviewer about these changes.

  • “I reevaluated my career goals and decided I needed to make a change.”

Goals and objectives can change throughout your life and career path. Be sure you communicate to your interviewer that you know what you want now and that it’s not a fleeting interest. You should also discuss how the job you are interviewing for will fit within your goals.

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