4 People You Should Choose as a Job Reference

While job references may not be the first priority when searching for a job, it’s important to consider who you will choose. By the time you are ready to ace your job interview, you must have your references chosen and prepped. So, who is best to choose?

  • Recent Bosses

Current and previous supervisors will be your best references to speak on work ethic and performance. Hiring managers may be suspicious if you leave off a supervisor from your list of references. However, if you don’t want your manager to know you are looking for a job, you can make a note on your reference list, and the hiring committee will completely understand. If you cannot list a current supervisor, include the most recent one you can.

  • Co-Workers

Co-workers can be a great job reference, especially if they worked closely with you on a project. You must choose someone who is familiar with your roles, responsibilities and professional strengths.

  • Professors

Especially if you are a recent graduate, professors are a great reference choice. Choose a professor who taught you in a course that is related to your job training. You also should choose a professor who was able to get to know you on a personal level as well.

  • Volunteer Contacts

People you’ve volunteered with are likely to be willing to be a reference. This a great reference option as well because hiring managers are often impressed by a candidate’s volunteer experience as it demonstrates your willingness and ability to go above and beyond what is it expected of you.

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