Preparing for an Interview with a Staffing Agency

As you’re in the middle of your job hunt, you’re probably preparing for interviews with potential employers. But have you considered using a staffing agency to help you find a job? While this is an excellent option for many job seekers, there are some unique things to consider when you are interviewing with a staffing agency to make the most of your interview and find the best job for the next step in your career.

Be sure to consider these three things before your interview with a staffing agency so they can help you find the best job for your career.

  • Define the Work You’re Seeking

Before you step foot in the staffing agency, be sure to spend time considering the work you’re seeking. You should explore your personal and professional goals. Staffing agencies work with a variety of industries, so you need to be decisive about which type of work you want to do. Consider your skills to help you be as specific as possible. Since they also work with companies who employ a variety of positions, you will also want to be clear as to what type of job you are looking for: full-time, part-time, contract work, seasonal, or temporary.

  • Come with a List of Companies You’re Applying to

If you are coming to the staffing agency once you’ve already begun your search, bring a list of companies and positions that you’ve already applied to, or that you are considering. You will also need to provide a list of other recruitment agencies that you are registered with (if applicable) because they need to avoid any conflicts of interest. This level of preparedness will show the staffing agency that you are professional, prepared, and ethical – all great qualities to showcase during an interview.

  • Develop Answers for Both Behavioral & Situational Interview Questions

You should be prepared with some possible answers to behavioral and situational interview questions. This way, you can stay concise in your answers without being caught off guard and rambling.

Behavioral questions will touch on your expertise levels in a way that you can tell a story. The question may begin like, “Tell me about a time when.” Consider important skills to your profession and how you’ve used them to make a positive impact on your work to help you prepare for these types of questions.

Situational questions will ask you to explain a work process to showcase your technical expertise. Every industry has important processes, so be sure to highlight the ones relevant to the profession you are interested in.

Ready to Work with a Staffing Agency?

If you’re ready to work with a staffing agency to help you find a great job for your career, contact CRS.