These Productivity Tips Will Help Improve Your Performance

With all of the technological developments of how to tell time and track how we spend our time, we are facing only 24 hours in a day. It comes as no surprise, then, that productivity is a prized attribute in the business world. Employers and workers alike want to boost productivity because, at the end of the day, time is money and money is time.

Unfortunately, some of the ways that workers try to boost productivity are misguided. These mistakes in productivity practices could be bad habits or misconceptions, but it’s time to make 2020 a year of greater productivity and better job performance.

Take Better Breaks

Have you ever faced a fast-approaching deadline and decided to “power through” by skipping lunch breaks, coffee breaks, or even your time with family in the evenings? Unfortunately, while this may seem to be the best way to meet a deadline, it’s counterproductive and damaging to the quality of your performance as well.

Instead, take power breaks. These breaks can include a walk outside to recharge. Stepping away from your project will allow your body and brain to rest, but it can also give you a natural burst of energy to tackle it again when you return.

Fight Back Against Procrastination

Procrastination can be a temptation for many. Some workers are perfectionists, so instead of doing good work on time or early, they get stuck trying to be perfect and risk not finishing at all. Others are intimidated by something challenging and may delay their work out of fear. Still, others may procrastinate out of not being challenged enough, and they become unmotivated. Whatever the reason, procrastination is the opposite of productivity.

To fight back the urge to procrastinate on a particular project, you can schedule in a time block for it first thing in the morning. Getting this work right away will make you feel even more productive and like a weight is being lifted, which can boost your productivity all day long.


A lot of professionals feel like they can do it all on their own. Actually, some of the best work is done in duos or teams. This dynamic tends to make work more enjoyable and therefore turns up productivity. Collaboration also allows for more creative thinking and problem-solving, which can be very useful when tackling something new or if you’re fighting the urge to procrastinate on the project.

Start the New Year with a Great Job

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