3 Tips to Vent at Work the Right Way

It’s almost inevitable. At one time or another, frustrations and little annoyances will build up and may cause you to erupt in a venting session with your coworkers. Venting is not uncommon, and in some offices, it can even be the norm.

However, just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Venting, when done in an immature manner, can do a lot of harm.

Harmful Effects of Venting

Venting in the workplace, especially when done in an unprofessional way, can cause a lot of harm to you and your entire team.

Here are some ways it negatively affects the workplace:

  • Brings morale and productivity down
  • Disrupts any positive flow
  • Annoys your coworkers
  • Sucks your motivation and performance

These are just a few ways constant, and immature venting can negatively affect the company. If you are the employee who is doing all the venting, it may even jeopardize your position at the company as well.

While venting may be unavoidable every now and then, there are a few ways you can do it in a more professional manner that will help relieve your frustrations but will also help contribute to success.

Minimize Your Impact

If you’re going to vent, minimize the negative impact you have on your coworkers and productivity. The last thing you want to do is develop a reputation of a negative complainer who brings everyone down. To avoid this, consider only venting to one person, and not venting to that one person every time. You also should create some boundaries or criteria to determine what is worthy of a vent, and what you should just shrug off and let go.

Come up with Solutions

If you decide that you need to vent, you should also resolve to spend equal time thinking up a way to improve the situation. Remember, nothing can get better by venting. But real ideas for solutions can make the workplace or project better for everyone.

A simple example is this: You’re venting about how another department never responds to your emails. Instead of only complaining, consider calling. Or, write a more compelling email.

If you take the time to vent about a problem, take that same amount of time to consider how you might solve the issue as well.

Balance the Negative with the Positive

Unfortunately, it’s always easier to find the negative. While it’s harder to notice the positive aspects of your job, or the office, make a concerted effort to not only find the good, but verbalize it as well. Not only will it keep your negativity in check, but it can help boost morale and inspire your coworkers.

By minimizing your venting, doing it constructively, and balancing it with praise, you won’t disrupt your team, and you may notice yourself becoming a more positive worker as well.

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