5 Questions to Ask at a Job Fair to Make a Great First Impression

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed walking into a job fair, it’s understandable. You may be nervous by how many recruiters and hiring managers are there, thinking you have to impress them all. Or you may feel like you’re in competition with all of the other attendees.

However, you should feel a bit more at ease if you can remember that all you need to do at a job fair is have great conversations.

You can stand out from the other job fair attendees by having meaningful conversations with recruiters that show you’re serious about not just finding any job but finding the right job.

Ask About a Particular Role

Job fairs will post a list of companies who plan to attend the event. Spend some time before the event looking up the open positions at the companies you are most interested in. This way, when you approach the table, you can ask specific questions about the role, already making yourself stand out from the majority of attendees. With the majority of attendees only asking what open positions the company has once they approach the table, showing that you are prepared is a great way to make a memorable first impression.

Understand the Hiring Process

A one-on-one conversation is a great opportunity to ask about the hiring process. Every company is different and may have different hiring stages that take up more time. Getting an idea about the hiring process for the position you’re interested in can help you manage your expectations, and you can also consider what other jobs you may want to apply to in the meantime.

Inquire About Growth & Development Opportunities

Even though you may be newer to the workforce, you won’t be new forever. As you search for a job, you must consider how your first job can grow into a career. Companies look for longevity in employees as well. Asking about growth opportunities within the company tells the recruiter that you are serious about making a career and not just a quick job, and that will make a great first impression.

Ask About Company Culture

Finding a job that fits your career goals is, of course, important, but finding a company culture that fits your personality and ethics is just as important. You should ask the company representative different questions that will help you figure out whether or not you will enjoy the job for the long haul. You’ll want to ask about the communication style of the team, the breakdown of working solo vs. with a team, and what the company does that’s fun or unique.

Figure Out the Best Ways to Stay in Touch

After your conversation that leaves a great first impression, be sure to ask the best ways to stay in touch with the representatives. Take a business card or other contact information, and be sure to tell them that you’ll be in touch if you were intrigued about the opportunities at the company. From following up about your application to reaching out about future job openings, this contact information will be beneficial to have as you leave the job fair and can help make your great impression last.

Partner with a Career Professional to Find Your Next Job

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