3 Tips for Building a Relationship with Your Temporary Workers

The use of temporary workers is surging in industries all across the country. There are a variety of reasons why temporary employees may be right for your business. Still, in order to make the most of your temporary hires, you need to build a strong manager-worker relationship.

Solid Advice to Build a Relationship with Your Temporary Workers

While you may be used to reaching out and supporting your salaried employees, your temporary workers are more valuable if you build a strong relationship with them as well. Here are some pieces of advice to build those important relationships.

Relate Whenever You Can

Temporary workers can come to a job for many different reasons. From avoiding a career gap to gaining specific job experience to making a career of contract work, every worker has a different goal. When you bring your temporary workers on the job, take the time to understand their goals so you can better relate to them. Being able to relate to them can also help you motivate them and give them projects that are most beneficial to their goals and your company’s needs.

Show Your Appreciation

Temporary workers can’t take advantage of many perks that full-time employees can, so it’s vital for you to show your appreciation in other ways. Publicly recognize their hard work and contributions in company meetings, offer flexible hours, or even consider gift card rewards.

Ask for Feedback

Temporary workers have a unique position as an outsider to provide valuable and insightful feedback. If you’ve begun to build a strong, trustworthy relationship, you can ask them for feedback, especially concerning the utilization of temporary employees and how they fit within the company dynamic. By this extra step to build a relationship, your temporary workers will feel valued, and this will help create a more cohesive relationship.

Find the Best Temporary Workers for Your Company

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