4 Tips for Dealing with the Stress from COVID-19

It’s hard to believe that the country has been under intense fear, restrictions, and life-altering circumstances for nearly a whole month already. From a global news story to one that is relevant to every local news outlet, COVID-19 has stolen everything from front page headlines to your own peace of mind.

While following the guidelines and ordinances of both the national and local governments is important for everyone’s health and safety, it is NOT necessary to buy into the stress that much of the news can cause. In fact, that is actually unhealthy.

In addition to minimizing your efforts of contracting or passing along the virus, it’s important to do what you can to reduce the stress that is almost unavoidable during lockdowns, shutdowns, and product scarcity. Here are a few simple tips and reminders to living a balanced life during a time of uncharted uncertainty.

  • Turn Off the News

Real news, fake news, news feeds, all of it. Turn it off. Unplug and take a break from the constant updating from both the press and your Facebook friends. While it’ll be important to be sure you’re following the latest ordinance by your local government, it’s also extremely important that you take a break from stressful, sometimes scary, and depressing news. If you think about the fact that everything you consume from news and social media has a direct connection with how you will feel, you may be more inclined to give yourself a break from such a stream of stress and negativity.

  • Eat Healthy

Eating healthy foods is an important part of minimizing your stress. When it comes to processed foods (like the foods you may be inclined to hoard during an extremely uncertain time), there is a chemical reaction in the body to produce more stress. Without getting into too much detail, processed foods can increase the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. So, instead of snacking during your downtime on processed foods, grab something fresh and healthy instead. Not only will it keep you healthier, but it won’t actually produce added stress hormones in your body. Plus, when you run out of your fresh fruits and veggies, you’ll be able to find more at your local store since those items are less likely to be hoarded.

  • Exercise

Even though most cities are restricting access to public gyms (smart idea, folks!), it’s still possible to get some exercise. Not only is it good for staying healthy, but it will break up your day and help you reduce stress. There are plenty of workouts that you can do in your home, or in your driveway. Getting outside for some fresh air is an immediate stress reliever, plus the added benefits of an increased heart rate and breaking a sweat will reduce even more stress. From bodyweight strength workouts to burpee challenges, driveway sprints, and everything in between, you only need to do a quick online search to find a home workout that fits your personality.

  • Enjoy Your Family

These times are undoubtedly stressful. For many families, it completely changed the dynamic in the home. While figuring out cyber or homeschooling on the fly, or creating a home office from the closet aren’t ideal or easy transitions, it’s important that you make the best of the situation to reduce your stress levels. Don’t take the extra time with your family for granted. Time with loved ones is precious and fleeting. Take a break from your new daily grind to be silly, play games, have long talks, and just be together. The time you enjoy with your family will last much longer than this COVID-19 uncertainty and will mean so much more than the stress you are feeling right now.

Don’t Let Stress Freeze Your Job Search

Even though it’s hard to picture life getting back to normal, it will. Don’t miss out on job opportunities because of stress. If you’re in need of temporary work while you’ve been out of work, or need a full-time position, contact Contingent Resource Solutions for professional help to find the right job for you.