How to Keep Kids Busy and Learning During School Closures

If COVID-19 quarantines and school closures have you wearing the hat of cyberschool administrator, you’re not alone. In the last few weeks, parents across the country have had to learn how to create a schedule and workspace for their kids to do their schooling at home. For many kids, they are basically now attending a cyberschool in which education is happening all virtually. A lot of variables, like the age of your kids, your WiFi speed, and the layout of your home, all can contribute to the ease of this transition.

Even with many schools offering education via Zoom calls and videos, one thing you’ve quickly noticed is how much effort it takes to keep your kids busy throughout the day.

Keep Your Kids Busy and Learning With These Ideas

Avoid falling into the screentime trap. First of all, since their education now happens on a screen, it’s best to limit additional screentime to fight away boredom. Instead, consider these ideas.

  • Teach Them Some Responsibility

Your kids will just love you. Maybe not right away, but when they get older, they will absolutely appreciate the experience and knowledge you gave them when they know how to do their own laundry, cut the grass, plant flowers, etc. Many parents decide to trade screentime minutes with chores around the house. Choose a few age-appropriate chores for your child to help you with throughout the week. Do the work alongside them in the beginning, so they learn the proper way to complete the chore, then let them do it on their own, taking ownership of a home or yard.

  • Get Outside

While practicing social distancing, get outside for a walk or jog. It’s the perfect season to get your kids active and healthy. Some kids will enjoy nature scavenger hunts, while others might like to explore the wooded trails with you. Check-in with your local areas about whether or not certain green spaces remain open, and if you can, explore some natural hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Getting outside is a stress reliever and reset for adults, and it does the same for kids too!

  • Learn a Sport Together

Along the same lines as getting outside, consider learning a new sport together. Ask your child if they would be interested in learning a new sport, and if they can’t decide, show them a few YouTube videos of the activity to see what sparks their interest. Then, get what you need to learn it together. Kids are more enthusiastic to try something new when the adults around them join in. It’ll be a great way to get active, discover something fun, and create amazing memories together.

  • Spread Some Cheer

Just about everyone could use a little pick-me-up these days. Take the initiative and choose a way that your kid wants to spread cheer. Maybe painting rocks with encouraging words and leaving them for your neighbors is fun for someone artsy. Your child could draw with chalk on the sidewalks for passerbys or tie balloons to mailboxes. Simple and affordable ways to lift the moods of others is a great way to spend extra time.

  • Encourage a New Hobby

YouTube videos and gaming may be a go-to for kids when they’re bored, but you can encourage them to learn a new hobby as well. Since many retailers are hurting for business, you can find that most companies are offering deep discounts and services like curbside pickup so you can pick up any supplies you need. From sewing, painting, learning an instrument, or dreaming up a new invention, the possibilities are endless. Your child might just need you to brainstorm and encourage them to try something new.

This time is uncertain, sometimes scary, and definitely uncharted. It’s also the perfect time to help your kids make the most of what school cannot give them. Sure, some days will be stressful and boring, but with a bit extra effort, you could create some super fun days with your kids as well.

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