4 Tips for Preparing to Go Back to Work After COVID-19

The last two months have been quite the struggle for many, losing their jobs, having to stay home, quarantined due to COVID-19. From not going to work to avoid social gatherings, and changing the way you shop for groceries, it has changed life in many ways.

Thankfully, much of the country is deciding how to reopen the country and local businesses safely. For many professionals, they are excited to get back to work, earning a paycheck, and boosting the economy. But before you race out of the house, there are a few ways you should prepare to go back to work after COVID-19.

Focus on Maintaining Your Mental Health

While social distancing was recommended to “bend the curve,” this situation lasted longer than what many would have expected and turned increasingly stressful. To reduce the possibility of feeling depressed from isolation, try to connect with friends and family via FaceTime. While it can’t replace face-to-face interaction, it can help you become more comfortable and relaxed for interviewing with companies remotely.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Your Level

As you look to re-enter the workforce, some jobs that were available might not be around just yet. If you need to get a job sooner than later, don’t get hung up waiting for a job exactly like the one you had. At this point, you need to get back into the workforce and look for raises and promotions to happen later.

Apply for Remote or Contract Roles

If you’re having trouble finding a position that is similar to what you had in the workforce, don’t give up. Instead, look for remote work or contract roles within your industry. These are great options with competitive pay that also build your resume while still looking for a permanent position.

Set Up a Check-In Circle

Many experts suggest setting up a circle of friends or colleagues for regular check-ins. Touching base with a few trusted connections can help you stay positive, plus it’s a great way to ask questions, brainstorm, and establish a sense of community.

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