3 Tips for Developing Relationships with Your Coworkers

You spend a lot of time with your coworkers at the office. Since so much of your life is spent at work, it’s worth taking some time to develop relationships with your coworkers. Not only will friendships at work make your day more enjoyable, but it can also lead to greater successes and promotions at the company.

Practice Humility and Gratitude

No one wants to work with or be friends with, a know-it-all, or someone who always thinks that they are better than everyone else. Instead, thank the people who assist you with training and any projects that you collaborate on. Be open to new ideas, discussions, and learning from your coworkers. Not only does this open the door for better conversation and connections, but it can help you gain more from your career.

Be An Active Listener

A supportive coworker listens to others. When you get acclimated in a company or make strides to build friendships, it’s important to be an active listener instead of just inserting your own opinion first. When you show this respect and curiosity, others will appreciate you, and it can help you develop stronger worker relationships.

Always Be Transparent and Honest

It’s important to be honest with your coworkers. Sharing constructive feedback is important, but so is admitting errors and mistakes. Both of these demonstrations of transparency build credibility and will go a long way when developing relationships with your coworkers.

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