3 Tips for How to Properly End a Job Interview

You know that it’s important to do proper preparation for your job interview. For most candidates, that ends with preparing your responses to commonly asked interview questions. However, many candidates find themselves fumbling through an awkward phase of the interview – the closing.

Confirm Your Interest

The end of the interview is a perfect invitation to express your interest and enthusiasm in the position. A very professional way to convey this is to mention how the interview has confirmed your interest in the job.

Remind the Interviewer of Your Qualifications

When the interviewer gives you the chance to say anything else, it’s also a good opportunity to remind the interviewer why you are qualified to be hired. Before your interview, look over the job description and pick out the top skills they’re looking for that match your expertise. These are the ones you should remind your interviewer of during your closing.

Ask What Happens Next

It’s a very common question, “What are the next steps in the hiring process?” So now is the best time to ask that question. Don’t wait until you’re being escorted out of the room or for your follow-up email. Show that you are proactively considering what the next steps may be so you can start the next step of your career. Plus, asking this question will prepare you for the rest of the hiring process, and you won’t be left wondering about the timeline or hiring logistics.

Feel Confident in Your Next Interview

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