How to Navigate Your Job Search During COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 can be seen throughout every industry across the country. While companies are figuring out how, and in what manner, to conduct business, there is a lot of uncertainty. Many workers are being laid off or furloughed. It makes many job seekers wonder if they should even search for a new job at all.

The short answer is “yes.” Experts advise that job seekers must still be actively engaging in their professional networks because while businesses figure out their plans, they will eventually hire those active and engaged candidates.

3 Tips to Job Searching During COVID-19

Don’t use these uncertain times to binge on Netflix and Hulu. Instead, follow these expert tips to stay relevant and poised to land a great job when you find it.

Online Networking

If you were hitting the networking meetups before, now shift your focus to virtual networking events. Find professional groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and attend their hangouts to make new connections.

Plus, if you haven’t cleaned up and primed your online profiles to reflect how qualified and professional you are, now is a great time to do so. Now more than ever, your virtual presence carries a lot of weight. Clean up anything you don’t want a hiring manager to see and add meaningful professional ideas to your community.

Boost Skills & Knowledge

Have you been thinking about adding a new license to your professional offering? Sign up to take a course and obtain any license or certificate you’ve been thinking of. Maybe there was a book that is highly acclaimed in your industry. Read it. Take this time to beef up your skillset and knowledge.

Stay in Touch

You may have had a few promising connections with a prospective company, or maybe even an interview scheduled, only to have everything get delayed because of COVID-19 shutdowns. If this is the case, don’t worry. Instead, keep in touch with your contact thoughtfully and helpfully. Here is an example email:

“I’m looking forward to connecting with you again when it makes sense for your company. If you need anything in the time being, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for all of your time.”

Connect with Professionals for Job Search Help

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