This Checklist Will Help Make Sure You Start Your New Job Right

Congratulations on your new job! The first day at a new job is exciting, but it can also make some people feel anxious. To make sure that your first day is a good one and sets a great impression for your new boss, follow this simple checklist.

A Simple Checklist to Start Your New Job Right

  • Prepare Your Outfit

The night before, be sure that your outfit is clean. This might seem like a no-brainer but take time-consuming decisions like what to wear out of your morning routine to keep you on time for your first day.

  • Set Your Alarm & Plan Your Commute

Be sure to understand the best route to take to get to your new job. If you’re unfamiliar with the drive, leave earlier than necessary to have extra time for variables like traffic, a wrong turn, etc. Don’t forget to set your alarm (maybe even two) so that you have plenty of time to get ready and get to your new job in a relaxed and timely manner.

  • Eat Breakfast

Not everyone is a fan of breakfast but eating even a small breakfast is a good idea when it comes to first-day jitters. It will provide you with energy, hold you over until lunch, and it may settle an uneasy stomach if you are feeling a bit nervous or excited to start your new job.

  • Make a List of Questions & Ideas

It’s easy to forget important questions when you’re in the moment, so before you leave your house, make a list of any questions or ideas you want to discuss with human resources or your immediate supervisor. Maybe they will be addressed naturally in the training process, but if not, you have a reminder to ask what you need.

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