3 Important Safety Tips for Returning to Work

The main theme surrounding the COVID-19 virus is uncertainty. Not only are people adjusting lives based on national or local health guidelines, but much of the information about the virus seems to change as time goes on. This makes it difficult to feel safe at work.

However, as businesses continue to reopen, even in different capacities, employees can practice simple tips that will enable them to continue to have a job, contribute to their economies, and reach their goals while staying healthy.

Important Tips to Stay Safe When You Return to Work

When you get the chance to go back to work, follow these tips to keep yourself healthy.

  • Be Mindful of Sanitation
  • Hand Washing – The most basic way to stay healthy against any virus is to wash your hands throughout the day properly. After the bathroom, before eating, after touching commonly touched surfaces, these are important times of the day to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.
  • Face Coverings – Adhere to your local guidelines and what your company requires for wearing face masks or coverings. While almost all businesses require their employees to cover their nose and mouth while at work, some employees suffer great discomfort. If you are feeling unwell because of the mask, talk to your supervisor about taking small breaks from your mask, in isolation, throughout the day.
  • Utilize Exhaust Fans – More research is coming out about COVID-19 germs spreading through the air in bathrooms. Because of this, always make sure to utilize the exhaust fan in the restroom. Keep it running after you leave, and maybe wait a few minutes after a coworker uses the bathroom, allowing the exhaust fan to help remove any infected aerosols.
  • Keep Your Distance

Of course, most businesses are practicing social distancing. However, that may not always be feasible when you’re back to work. If you happen to sit in a cluster of desks with your coworkers, do what you can to alternate time at your desk with your peers in close proximity. This will require some cooperation, but it will be worth it.

  • Discuss All Concerns with Your Supervisor

Staying healthy when you return to work is a cooperative effort with your supervisor and your peers. Discuss any concerns or ideas with your supervisor constructively and professionally. The topic of COVID-19 and how it’s being handled can cause intense conversation. Instead, understand that as an employee of a company, you all need to work together to make it safe and successful.

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