4 Safety Tips to Protect Construction Workers During the Summer

Even though summer is on it’s way out, the end of the season still brings about intense heat – especially in the South region of the country. As a construction worker, you have to take extra care to stay safe on the hot and humid summer days.

4 Safety Tips Construction Workers Should Follow During Summer Months

There are simple ways you can stay safe while working in the summer heat.

  • Stay Hydrated

The most common advice to stay safe during the summer heat is to stay hydrated. Choose water and electrolyte drinks to help keep your body cool and energized. Bring a cooler to keep your drinks near your work and to keep them cool. Cool drinks are much more effective than room temperature. Aim to take a sip or two every 15-30 minute.

  • Eat Well

Eating well during the heat means eating nutrient-dense, lighter foods. Think fresh fruits, vegetables, and light protein sources. You may find that eating smaller portions actually keeps you from feeling sluggish. However, it is important to make sure that you do eat something so you can properly fuel your body for intense work.

  • Get Sleep

It’s important that you do your best to get plenty of quality sleep throughout your workweek. The heat can make your body feel extra tired as if you worked double. Be sure to catch up on sleep, so you don’t over-exert yourself and put yourself at risk on the job.

  • Avoid the AC

Yes, avoiding the air conditioning is a safety tip! If you are working outside in intense heat, try to find shade and a breeze to cool off instead of going into the drastic change of AC. These big changes in temperature can make it harder for your body to adjust to the heat, making it harder for you to maintain a healthy internal temperature, even if you’ve followed all the other tips listed above.

Find a Stable Construction Job This Summer

Especially in the South region, construction jobs are available all year round. To find stable construction work, contact CRS.