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The Importance of Setting Goals at Work

By now, you probably know that it’s important to set goals when it comes to your career. Some of these goals may be long-term, some short-term, but regardless of their time frame, they help give you direction and focus. But do you know why that is? Understanding why can be a crucial step to fully… Read more »

Preparing for an Interview with a Staffing Agency

As you’re in the middle of your job hunt, you’re probably preparing for interviews with potential employers. But have you considered using a staffing agency to help you find a job? While this is an excellent option for many job seekers, there are some unique things to consider when you are interviewing with a staffing… Read more »

3 Questions You Should Be Asking at the End of a Job Interview

The conversations in an interview should go both ways. While you do a lot of preparation to be sure you send the right message (and this is so important!), you also need to prepare to ask your interviewer questions as well. The job interview is the optimal time to clarify that this job is indeed… Read more »

3 Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your Boss

Creating healthy and respectful relationships in the office is one of the best things you can do for your job. It creates a more positive atmosphere, can ease the stress of any job or deadline, and can even help you advance in your career. Demonstrate Your Innovation & Initiative While it’s important to focus on… Read more »

Is the Job You’re Applying To Right for You? Here’s How to Tell

There’s more that goes into a job than just the job description. A job will determine a lot about your life so before you’re ready to commit to a new job, or even submit an application, you should consider other factors to determine whether or not this change is right for you. Job Content Often,… Read more »

Learn 5 Daily Habits of Very Successful People

If you’re looking to amp your career and personal success to the next level, it might be time to look at how you spend each day. What you do everyday amounts to just how much progress you make both in your career and personal life. Consider your daily habits then adopt some of the ones… Read more »

3 Tips for Answering the Interview Question, “Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”

There are a lot of tricky interview questions out there, but one that stumps job seekers is, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” A recruiter or interviewer is not actually expecting you to know exactly what you’ll be doing. They do, however, want to make sure they aren’t wasting their time hiring and… Read more »

4 People You Should Choose as a Job Reference

While job references may not be the first priority when searching for a job, it’s important to consider who you will choose. By the time you are ready to ace your job interview, you must have your references chosen and prepped. So, who is best to choose? Recent Bosses Current and previous supervisors will be… Read more »

3 Ways to Increase Productivity While Avoiding Burnout

It’s important to keep performing your best and increasing productivity in the workplace. However, you must do this with balance so you don’t experience burnout, which can negatively impact your job and your career. To find this delicate, yet all-important balance, follow this advice. Master Your Time Every worker struggles to get everything done within… Read more »

4 Ways to Beat Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace happens to everyone, even the most positive workers. While it may be unavoidable at certain times, it’s unhealthy to be chronically stressed at your job. Stress at work can negatively impact productivity and performance and can also affect your relationships at home. Thankfully there are several ways to combat stress in… Read more »